2020 Wood Show Announcement

2020 Wood Show Announcement

American Folk Art presents:

Wood:  Carving, Sculpting, Block Printing

Opening here/Sales will begin! Tuesday, August 4 at 11:am eastern time…we are getting so excited!

Opening in the gallery: 64 Biltmore Ave, downtown, Thursday, August 6th at 11: am

When we can’t hug our fellow humans, it has been suggested that we hug a tree, it’s steadfastness & strength will steady us. During the month of August American Folk Art is doing just that: embracing & showcasing their artists who express themselves using the strong and steadfast medium of wood.

Six artists representing 5 very different approaches to using wood to convey their own distinct vision.

Lonnie & Twyla Money work as a couple creating charming renderings of birds and critters with a nod toward whimsy.

Kent Ambler uses multiple blocks of wood which are chiseled to create the layers and layers of color he incorporates into his wood block prints.

Ivy Billiot’s delicately carved birds using cedar or tupelo, wood native to his South Louisiana home are painted in subtle and realistic colors, yet they retain a creatively depicted likeness.

Doug Frati creates stunning relief sculptures, subtlety textured juxtaposed with bold graphic imagery.

Introducing Jack Kippel’s finely constructed recreations of historic southern churches.

Wood and it’s inherent solid strength is needed now. The vast creative expanse wood  allows has led to this wonderfully rich presentation.