Bernard Gore

Bernard Gore

A recent discovery, and a glorious one, too, Mr Gore’s artworks are hard to categorize because he not only paints on canvas and other mixed media, but he carves & paints on thick wood, creating sculptural pieces as well.

Bernard Gore is a Vietnam War veteran & Purple Heart recipient. As a child, growing up in Georgia, where he continues to reside, Bernard made art and toys for neighborhood children as well as himself; he returned to art during his rehabilitation.  He finds relief from the discomforts of his body, when he ‘leaves his body & enters his heart’ while he is creating.

Like many visionary artists, he describes seeing stories in the wood, and brings these stories to the surface, so we can all share in his revealed vision.

Religion and spirituality are bedrocks of Mr. Gore’s life; his wood relief sculptures help him bring his beliefs to all of us who care to look. The elaborate carvings and paintings, depicting his love of the bible have helped sustain him during his most turbulent times.

With no formal training, Bernard Gore is a unique man with impressive skills and a true dedication to creating a more beautiful world through his art.

Selected Works

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Relief Carved and Painted wood
size: 14 x 59"
$2,400.- (BG01)

Jesus Crucifixion

Relief Carved and Painted Wood
size: 28 X 20 1/2"
$4,800.- (BG07)

The Warrior

Relief Carved and Painted Wood
size: 24 x 48"
$2,400.- (BG03)

The King and the Dancers

Relief Carved and Painted Wood
size: 20 1/2 X 58 1/2"
$4,800.- (BG08)