Fred Johnston

Fred Johnston

Fred Johnston is a master potter with degrees from both Alfred University & Penn State. His credentials include public art commissions, esteemed Smithsonian exhibitions & nationally recognized collections.

Fred learned to make pots in the Seagrove area in the 1980s where he worked odd jobs around the different studios, including Mark Hewitt, Ben Owen and Dover Pottery. This experience was the catalyst for Fred’s commitment and passion to the pottery vernacular, which turned into an adventure and education.

Growing up in the rural south gave him access to its colorful history & characters and served as inspiration for his work. His intellectual curiosity has lead him to draw on a broad base of pottery traditions from around the globe & throughout time, such as Greek, Korean, Chinese, Pre-Columbian and European. It is this amalgam of his curious nature & creative powers that draws us to his pottery.

Fred questions how he can extend the tradition of pottery. “I am not interested in pots that are mindless, shallow imitations and replications of the past. I believe in the idea of cross-fertilizations and playfulness. The mixing of different cultures, motifs and arts styles is fertile ground, a place to cultivate.”

Selected Works

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Chrome Beehive Vase

North Carolina hand-dug wild clay, chrome glazed and electric-fired.
size: 7" tall
$325.- (FJP33)

Two handled Apothecary Pot

North Carolina hand-dug wild clay, chrome glazed and electric-fired.
size: 7 3/4" tall
$425.- (FJP52)

Quartz Eyed Field Jug

North Carolina Stoneware. Wood-Fired, Quartz eyeballs, Broken Porcelain Plate Teeth
size: 10" tall, very stout
$525.- (FJ53)