Jack Klippel

Jack Klippel

Jack’s career path was always about discovery, pushing boundaries & reinvention as a physician, researcher, editor, & non-profit CEO. As he began to ponder retirement, he read the book “How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free” which suggested that learning new things that he had always wanted to do would make him happy. Without wasting any time & without a lot of forethought he bought a band saw & a guitar.

An avid collector of duck decoys, he acquired a few woodworking tools & tried his hand at making some; his early efforts were grim, but the idea of working with wood still inspired…other influences began to take shape. The tools & his persistence started to coalesce. Building historic Southern churches combines his interests in history, architecture & southern culture; has added purpose & joy to his life. Houses of worship have always been an integral part of life in communities throughout the South. Jack shares “during the 19th century an astounding number of absolutely spectacular churches were built.  Many of these remain in active use, others are in decline or have been lost to history’. Jack’s journey with churches has helped him learn about small towns he would have never known existed, and the names and lives of the many people who were part of the history of the churches.

He has been creating in different forms since his retirement in 2013, and the wisdom from the retirement book continues to make him happy, inspired and content.  The guitar, however, hasn’t kept pace and needs more practice.

Each of these church houses is an interpretation of an actual Church, and a small history and photograph of ‘the real thing’ is included with each of Jack’s Churches…

Selected Works

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Houk's Chapel

Wooden construction elements, latex paint, and copper roof
size: 6 5/8" wide X 10" deep X 11 1/4" tall
$550.- (JK101)

St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Wooden construction elements, latex paint, and copper roof
size: 5 7/8" wide X 8 3/8" deep X 6 5/8" tall
$450.- (JK100)