Larry Ledford

Larry Ledford

Born in the mountains of Georgia, his parents provided all the cornerstones that Larry still holds dear today: values & morals grounded in the love of Jesus, a home filled with mostly love, patience and encouragement.
As a small boy, Larry’s parents took turns holding him while he drew…..and drew….and DREW!

After owning and operating a successful fencing business for years, Larry discovered the pain he was feeling was not muscle strain from work, but bone cancer. He had to have a 5 ½ inch bone replaced in his right arm, and he has the massive scar to prove it. Doctors gave him long odds of a recovery in that arm.

The battle to recover physically was as difficult as his psychological restoration. As difficult times closed in, he remembered his love of drawing and how proud his art had made his parents; he felt if he could draw again, his will and faith in God would show him the way. This came to pass.

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Selected Works

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St Nick

Hand Carved Wood, Acrylic Paint-wonderfully articulated.
size: 14 inces tall, standing
$275.- (LL12)


Hand Carved Wood, Acrylic Paint-arms & legs move
size: 14 inches tall, standing
$275.- (LL13)