Matt Hallyburton

Matt Hallyburton

Matt Hallyburton is a North Carolina potter born in the heart of the Catawba Valley. His studio and home are in the Triangle area, but his large wood fired kiln resides in Hickory near his mother’s home. Matt uses native North Carolina clays in combination with traditional alkaline glazes. His pottery consists of layered textures, color, and mystery that is partly achieved by his process of multiple firings. Matt will glaze, fire, add more glaze, and fire again until “he gets it right.”

Matt is somewhat of a historian about where glazes and classic NC pottery forms emanated; researching the classic forms and putting his own spin on them. He cites Kim Ellington and Mark Hewitt as his greatest inspirations, but research has broadened his knowledge and the scope of work. Matt knows his place in the continuum and far-reaching history of our regional pottery traditions.

These beautiful vases are not just for show, they can hold water, so if fresh flowers need a beautiful base in which to live, don’t hesitate!

Selected Works

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Traditions Bud Vase

North Carolina hand-dug wild clay, wood-fired stoneware. Glaze technique achieved through multiple firings. Fully Functional and Dishwasher safe.
size: 6 3/4" tall
$60.- (HAL01)

Tall Ribbed Vase

North Carolina hand-dug wild clay, wood-fired. Fully Fuctional and Dishwasher safe.
size: 11" Tall
$145.- (HAL14)