Rudolph Valentino Bostic

Rudolph Valentino Bostic

Rudy Bostic is a Savannah, Georgia based self-taught artist who creates vibrantly colored paintings on cardboard. Known best for his biblical images, Rudy notes that he does enjoy watching TV and elements of popular culture show up frequently in his work, sometimes as stand-alone themes and sometimes worked into his biblical stories. At least he is watching educational television, and the viewer knows when Rudy has been watching the travel channel or the history channel.

He also visits the library, borrowing art books, then borrowing stylistic elements form the old masters, be it chiaroscuro or cubism. His use of black magic marker, vibrant colors and metallic paints give the paintings a quality reminiscent of stained glass.

His use of inexpensive materials reminds us of other southern self-taught artists such as Jimmy Lee Sudduth or Sam Doyle. But his flamboyance, his breadth of subject matter and his varied artistic influences put Rudy Bostic in a class by himself.

Selected Works

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acrylic on cardboard
size: 27" x 27"
$700.- (RB75)