Spencer Herr

Spencer Herr

Spencer Herr is a North Carolina artist with roots in the Southwest. He writes “My inspiration lies within the landscape and people who thrive in it. Ideas are openly discussed, critiqued, and revised. Which makes ‘my work’ seems more like ‘our work’. My work attempts to capture the moments when those individual breakthroughs cascade through the distractions drowning others in new insight. We make art because we believe in it. It’s an act of faith.”

Spencer is a self-taught painter whose current imagery addresses his devotion to his family which now includes 2 young daughters, uncertainty and a mystical sense of wonderment.

The layers Spencer uses to express his ideas, emotions and memories are present with a depth that maturity in life and confidence in painting can produce.

Selected Works

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Acrylic on birch wood
size: 32 1/2" x 42 1/2"- Framed
$3,000.- (SRH159)


Acrylic & Graphite on birch wood panel
size: 28" x 36"
$2,800.- (SRH167)