Trés Taylor

Trés Taylor

Trés left his position as a biochemist 20-some years ago, to leap into a new career as an artist.  To him, it was an act of faith and risk; Trés Taylor says it saved his life.  “I am closest to God when I am painting.  He uses my hands to show my brothers and sisters what he has shown me, which is, when our hearts are free to love, then we will see and experience the world.”

He found many spirit guides along the way in the form of toads and hawks, which reminded him to return to the spirit and the beauty of the natural world for inspiration.

Throughout this journey, the early stages of which happened in Japan, the Birmingham, Alabama native has continued to share emotionally rich narratives about monks, nature, beauty, light and his inspired observance of this world.

Trés begins each painting with a wooden frame covered in tar paper, the tar paper creates a textural ground for his next layers.  The added layers include wood putty to add more texture which he carves into to outline the painted surfaces or smooths to add dimension.  The colors & textures set the stage for the fish, critters, monks and folks inhabiting each painting, each world he creates and shares with us.

The Cottage Journal featured Trés in it’s Autumn 2017 issue, bringing with it a wider audience, and a larger following; we at American Folk Art are thrilled to be representing him.

Selected Works

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Blessing the Birds & Squirrels

Acrylic Paint & other media, on Tarpaper, Mounted on Wood
size: 36 X 36"
$2,400.- (TT252)

Kaa in the Jungle

Acrylic Paint on Tarpaper, Mounted on Wood
size: 42 X 24"
$2,200.- (TT201)

Wetland Oasis

Acrylic Paint & other media, on tarpaper, Mounted on Wood
size: 36 X 36"
$2,000.- (TT309)

Tres Taylor

Tres Taylor visits the gallery