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2015 Face Jug Show

NOW Open Online!
Open in the gallery-
April 2nd- April 27th

We are proud to present our highly anticipated 2015 Face Jug Show. We have been visiting potters from all over North Carolina and the Georgia Mountains to collect prime examples from each of our potters. Our beloved potters are keeping alive the rich traditions such as digging and creating their own clays which are rich in mineral deposits and variances which keep each pot wonderfully unique. Many still use broken porcelain plates for the teeth, and decorate with glass shards which drip in the wood or gas fired kiln infernos many of these pots favor. In our region, Face Jugs date back to the late 1800ís, they were used to store liquor; the ominous features would scare the children so they would not be tempted by the contents.

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