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New Artist Hugh Gilgenbach

Hugh was born and raised in a rural Fox River valley setting in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Horizons and the natural world were in full view. Early interests included drawing, exploring and flying machines. He received a BS degree in Aeronautics from Parks College of St. Louis University and immersed himself in the worlds of flying machines and marine propellers for decades. After retirement, Hugh traveled and explored in search of an interesting place to live. He and his artist wife moved to Western North Carolina, where they reside today. They find the vibrant appreciation of the arts and crafts of the area especially appealing. An open house at Penland School of Crafts pottery studio exposed Hugh to a ball of clay with a request to “do something”. He chose to sculpt a crow’s head. The result was not good; but an old artistic interest and natural world connection was sparked. This spark is now manifested in an observation and research of the life of crows. He sculpts full sized crow heads in clay with the intention of conveying the look, attitude and spirit of the American crow, Corvis Brachyrhynchos.

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