Chad Brown

Chad Brown

Chad is a 5th generation Seagrove potter. His grandfather, Graham Chriscoe, whose original log cabin clay studio resides in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, opened his pottery when Chad was 9. He absorbed a great deal from working alongside his grandparents.

He learned his technical skills in the more traditional Seagrove fashion, working for years as a production potter for many studios. “You make 2 or 3 hundred of the same shape and you get pretty good at it.” He expanded his skills by working as a journeyman potter, traveling from studio to studio and turning the various shapes required.

At one time, Chad held weekly demonstrations for the public at the North Carolina Pottery Center. Mark Hewitt, Former VP of the Center remarked, “Chad Brown has quietly established his presence as one of the most talented younger potters in Seagrove & NC. We all enjoy Chad’s humor and good nature, and know how much he contributed to the NCPC with this patience, insightful demonstrations and his warm, generous personality. His beautiful pots reflect who he is.”

Chad has built his own wood kiln on his property. Several years ago Chad began to participate in shows and exhibitions while continuing to work as a journeyman, but he realized that he needed time in his own studio to build his career.

Selected Works

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Stately Striped Vase

North Carolina hand-dug wild clay, wood-fired stoneware. Functional.
size: 17 1/2" Tall
$775.- (CBP91)