James A. “Buddy” Snipe

James A. “Buddy” Snipe

The last born of twelve children, Buddy Snipes was born in 1945 in Macon County, Alabama, and still lives nearby.

As a child, he made toys for himself and the other children out of whatever he could find. He also made wagons and wheelbarrows out of tree limbs and scrap lumber. He sold them to neighbors. Later, Snipe worked as a pulpworker, a logger, a farmhand, a dishwasher, and he fixed things for people—broken furniture, sagging doors and fences.

About 40 years ago, he started to make Sculptural assemblages from roots, tree limbs, vines, scrap lumber and anything else he could find that triggered his imagination. He also paints pictures on scrap lumber and tin and frames them with some of his found objects.
He incorporates the elements of high art: line form texture balance color, yet being uninhibited by the norms. Mr. Snipe adds rhythmic improvisation & narrative which bridges the worlds of Primitive and Modern art in completely original ways.

Selected Works

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Big Mama Usher

Salvaged Roofing Tin, Twigs & Enamel Paint, on a wood base
size: 37" Tall
$600.- (BUD354)

James A. "Buddy" Snipe himself

A photo of "Buddy" during our 2016 Show 'Straight Out of Alabama'

Eating Tom Dog

Salvaged roofing tin, twigs, enamel paints, wooden base
size: 9 1/4 X 8 1/2"
$150.- (BUD404)