Artist Submissions

American Folk Art & Framing specializes in artwork created by self-taught & visionary artists. The artists we currently represent tend to be from the Southeast, but we don’t limit ourselves to that one geographic area. We actively seek the work of people who depict their own lives & emotions, who create work that communicates an inner well of experience. The intent of the artwork is to help the artist better understand an event, or their place in the world, not merely to create an object to sell.

Wood carvings, sculptural assemblages, & textural paintings are all among the art we represent. This is in no way a complete list of our art; we are always looking to add to our repertoire and we love to be thrilled by something new.

The potters represented are largely regional – North Carolina South Carolina, Tennessee, & the Georgia Mountains. The face & devil jugs are from the Catawba Valley (NC), North Georgia, Texas, & Wisconsin. Folk potter traditions are favorites. Wood firing or salt reductions are preferred. Function is a necessity.

American Folk Art & Framing sells only original works of art, not prints or copies. We require a 60 mile radius of exclusivity. We work with other galleries & arts organizations in the area; we don’t compete against them.

We work directly with living & working artists, no intercedents or representatives.

Purchase and/or consignment arrangements are handled privately and on an individual basis.

Submitting work for consideration:
Artists should send 10 to 15 images of current work and include titles, materials used & sizes for each piece. Guidelines as to how you price your work for the public should also be included.

Email submissions are preferred and should be sent to:

If you choose to mail submission materials, they can be sent to:
American Folk Art & Framing
64 Biltmore Ave.
Asheville NC 28801

Include a Self-Addressed & Stamped Envelope if you would like your submission materials returned. All care will be taken, but be aware that we cannot be held responsible for submitted items.

A careful review of the materials will be held outside normal business hours.
If the work appears suitable & promising for the gallery, we will contact you and make arrangements to view the actual work. This 2 step process is vital for our review. Often we are more interested after seeing the artwork in person, but this is not always the case.

American Folk Art & Framing is not obliged to discuss or offer a critique of any artwork deemed unsuitable.