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Our History

American Folk Art & Framing opened on May 1, 2001, representing a handful of contemporary Southern folk artists and potters while educating inquiring minds about the dynamic and evolving culture of the folk art world.

We have enthusiastically and exponentially grown over the years. We now represent over 40 artists; and collectors stop by regularly to see what is new and exciting in our collection. We reliably offer visitors a surprise, as we are proud to feature the work of established, nationally known self-taught artists. Because we are always delving deeper and seeking new talent, we regularly review submissions and introduce the work of promising folk artists from around the region.

We host art openings six times a year, providing an interface among artists and art enthusiasts. If you'd like to be notified of such events, please email our gallery at, and we'll add you to our email list to let you know about opening receptions, so perhaps you can meet your favorite folk artist and connect with other people interested in folk art.

We're here year-round, seven days a week, 10AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday; Noon to 5PM Sunday. We encourage you to come in and experience our reverence and deep adoration for the artists. Their stories, processes and authenticity are nourished and loved here, so let us share them with you.
We'll see you in the gallery!

Betsey-Rose, Morgan, & Taylor

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