Cornbread – as he is affectionately known to family and friends – was raised on a farm in Lumpkin County, GA. He spent much of his childhood exploring the woods and fields surrounding his home and observing the diverse wildlife that dwelt there. When he began painting in 1995, it was these familiar subjects that he turned to. Using vibrant acrylics – usually on wood boards – his paintings are a record of the wildlife that has been pushed out of its natural habitat by the massive sprawl of an ever-growing Atlanta.

Cornbread’s early careers included being a butcher, farm manager, diesel mechanic and law enforcement officer; beginning to paint because of the joy it gave him. He was stunned when he sold his first painting, and still feels humbled by the reception that his paintings receive.

Cornbread’s energetic style, bright colors and wide-eyed animals – especially his depictions of the striking black and white guinea hens – make his work unique and recognizable, and his paintings are some of the most sought-after and widely collected folk art today.

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Selected Works

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Nuthatches in Poison Ivy, SOLD

Acrylic Paint on Wood
size: 32 1/8 X 11 7/8"
$625.- (SOLD)

Cornbread Himself!

Signing at the Cornbread & Liz Sullivan show opening