Jack Klippel

Jack Klippel

Jack Klippel’s relationship with woodworking had a rough start (he received a D in his middle school woodshop class). However, as an avid collector of duck decoys and a long-time lover of Southern architecture and history, his later forays into creating realistic models of historic buildings and stylized animal sculptures have proven much more fruitful.

In 2013, as he planned his retirement from his career as a physician, researcher, editor, & non-profit CEO, Jack read the book “How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free,” which suggested he learn new skills to gain fulfillment and happiness. Without much forethought and with a sharp recollection of his middle school woodshop days, he bought a band saw.

As it turns out, Jack’s impulsive purchase of that band saw released a creative and artistic side that he didn’t even know he had. With it, he has created bird homes, bookshelf models of historic churches and buildings, and carvings of waterfowl, songbirds, owls, fish, and other wild things that catch his eye. All of these sculptures culminate into Jack’s artistic exploration of Southern culture, history, and wildlife, and add a sense of purpose and joy to his life.

Selected Works

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Stately Crow

Hand Carved Wood, Acrylic Paint, Wood Base
size: 14" - Beak to Tail
$245.- (JK148)

Brown Trout

Hand Carved Wood, Acrylic Paint, Copper Fins, Wooden Base
size: 20 1/2 x 6 5/8"
$200.- (JK131)


Hand Carved Wood, Acrylic Paint, Wood Base
size: 14 3/4" Tall
$350.- (JK149)

Grace-Calvary Episcopal Church

Wooden construction elements, latex paint, and copper roof, on wooden base
size: 6 5/8" Wide X 12 7/8" Tall X 9" Deep
$475.- (JK108)