Winton & Rosa Eugene

Winton & Rosa Eugene

Residents of South Carolina, Winton & Rosa Eugene have been making pottery together since 1986. It was Winton who first got bit by the pottery bug, first enjoying it as a hobby before finding success in his newly chosen career. Rosa joined him shortly thereafter to perfect his glazes and together they create beautiful pottery meant to be used as well as enjoyed as presentation pieces.

Thrown on a wheel and electric-fired, ‘Pottery by Eugene’ can be identified easily by the delicate hand-painted scenes of songbirds upon a branch, or a log cabin in the countryside and the carved low relief of a sprawling live oak, or a proud rooster in the barnyard.

The subject matter of these scenes reflects the natural worlds they experienced in Louisiana and South Carolina, their travels, values, and lives. A design of their own making, the gracefully looped handle on their pitchers and mugs is equally comfortable for the left- or right-handed.

Their surprising second career has brought Winton & Rosa’s work many accolades – their pottery is in the collection of the Santa Fe Museum of Folk Art, and was featured in “Common Ground: Affrilachia! Where I’m From”. Their own show, “Place It/Face It: Pottery by Eugene” was held at the McKissick Museum.

Selected Works

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Blue Jay Pitcher

Electric-fired stoneware, delicately hand-painted. Functional.
size: 7 1/2 X 9"
$200.- (WR229)

Cardinal Utensil Crock

Electric-fired stoneware, delicately hand-painted. Functional.
size: 6 1/2 X 7 7/8"
$225.- (WR224)