Ellen Langford

Ellen Langford

Ellen Langford is a painter whose body of work is inspired by landscapes, chance meetings and the South’s mighty crosscurrents. Ellen notices and captures the relationships between the land and its inhabitants – a child with his dog, a clothesline with the breeze, a figure with the landscape. We don’t just see them in her paintings, we feel that joyful connection.

Native to Mississippi, Ellen has pursued academic studies in her craft in New York, San Francisco, DC and Italy, among other places. However, her work took on its recognizable narrative quality when she returned to her home in the Deep South.

Langford worked for years as a paramedic in central Mississippi. She became heavily influenced by the often tender narratives of her patients’ stories, as well as the quiet rituals that they incorporate into their lives. As parent of a young boy herself, and owner of chickens and dogs, Ellen often incorporates children and animals into her compositions as she finds sweetness and vulnerability in their movements, as well as joy and adventure.

Langford’s painting process involves layers of paint, often sanded away and then glazed over, searching for shape and pattern, color and texture, to build the story worlds her figures inhabit.

Selected Works

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On A Breath

Acrylic on Canvas
size: 12 X 12"
$500.- (LAN104)

Up Past Bedtime

Acrylic on Canvas
size: 12 x 12"
$500.- (LAN85)

Life Threading

Acrylic on Canvas
size: 15 x 30"
$900.- (LAN98)

Bring it Down Here

Acrylic on Paper
size: 13 3/4" x 17 1/2"- Framed
$365.- (LAN64)

If Late Light

Acrylic on Canvas
size: 12 X 12"
$500.- (LAN107)

Every Bird Went South

Acrylic on Canvas
size: 20" x 24"
$1,000.- (LAN74)

Neighbors Within Sight

Acrylic on Canvas
size: 40 x 30"
$2,000.- (LAN99)

Friends the Whole Time

Acrylic on Paper
size: 8 x 11"
$200.- (LAN90)

They Live Right Here

Acrylic on Paper
size: 15 x 13 1/8"
$325.- (LAN86)

Long Time Before

Acrylic on Paper
size: 7 1/8" x 10 1/4"
$200.- (LAN67)


Acrylic on Paper
size: 17" x 14 3/4"- Framed
$385.- (LAN56)