Ellie Ali

Ellie Ali

Born in New York City in 1947, Ellie Ali was strongly influenced by the fearless writers, musicians and painters of the Fifties including John Coltrane, Joan Miro, and Miles Davis.

“I believe man has always made beautiful things with his hands… because it uses aspects of the mind and soul that are part of a continuum from the ancients into the infinite future. I hope to continue on that path because it gives me pleasure and because I know that I am part of the optimism of humanity.”

Ali paints exclusively on the finest papers from all over the world, calling it her “co-Conspirator.” She layers acrylics, Chinese ink, oil stick and wax. At times she washes the painting under running water and dries it before working back into it. This method gives Ali’s paintings the rich textures and marks that flow like the music which inspires her.

Selected Works

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Almost Interrupted

Acrylic Paint, Oil Pastel and Chinese Ink on Archival Paper
size: 11 5/8 X 14 1/2"
$900.- (EA97)

Nude in Repose

Acrylic Paint & Ink on Paper
size: 31 3/4 X 28 1/4" - Framed Size
$1,850.- (EA139)


Acrylic, Graphite, Oil Pastel & Chinese Ink on Paper
size: 16 1/4 X 32 3/4" - Framed Size
$2,000.- (EA146)

Greek God

India ink, Acrylic paint on Archival Paper
size: 10 X 12 1/4" - Framed Size
$550.- (EA124)

Goddess of Dreams

Acrylic Paint on Handmade Paper
size: 22 3/8 X 30"
$2,200.- (EA136)

After Midnight

India Ink on Handmade Paper
size: 14 7/8 X 18" - Framed Size
$1,150.- (EA108)


Acrylic, Oil Pastel & Chinese Ink on Handmade Paper
size: 8 1/4 X 11 1/4"
$600.- (EA111)


Acrylic Paint on Canvas
size: 8 5/8 X 8 5/8" - Framed Size
$450.- (EA126)