Kate Waltman

Kate Waltman

Kate Waltman was introduced to pottery at a very young age. Already assisting professional potters by the age of 9, it didn’t take her long to begin working as a studio assistant to Terry Plasket at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center in Millville, NJ. At just 16, she became Wheaton Arts’ youngest production potter.

After graduating from the prestigious Alfred University, Kate relocated to Randolph County, NC to add her voice and skill to the wild clay and wood-firing movement so prevalent in our state.

Her work can be recognized by the refined, organic, and Art Deco inspired patterns she carves into her pieces. Ash-glazed and wood-fired, the combination of the polished style of her patterning and the rustic nature of the glazing and firing creates pottery that is all her own. Her pieces range from the smallest of keepsake boxes to the largest of urns, created using an old Taiwanese coiling technique.

Her wares are not only beautiful, but completely functional. Microwave and dishwasher safe, you won’t have to worry about setting your table with Kate’s delightful creations.

Selected Works

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Carved Curio Jar

North Carolina clay, wood-fired stoneware. Functional.
size: 5 3/4" Tall
$325.- (KW101)

Blue Lotus Vase

North Carolina clay, wood-fired stoneware. Functional.
size: 8 1/4" Tall
$365.- (KW103)