Liz Sullivan

Liz Sullivan

Recognizing talent when they saw it, Liz Sullivan’s kindergarten teachers invited her to paint the walls and doors of her classroom at just five years old. She enthusiastically accepted the project and has considered herself an artist ever since. Liz took art classes in college, but never settled into a painting routine until 1989, when she decided to give herself the long overdue gift of time to paint seriously. She displayed her first painting on the walls of her antique restoration shop, where a dealer purchased it almost immediately and asked if she would create more.

Liz says of her subject matter that it “turned up unexpectedly” shortly after beginning to paint again after her long hiatus. Initially inspired by her cats and the antiques she so lovingly restored, she also draws from the beauty of her environment – the valleys, mountains, and country folk of her community & rural Western North Carolina.

Upon completion of a painting, her daughter Amy crafts the wooden frame, which Liz then paints to match the mood of her artwork. Finally, Liz seals the painting with furniture wax, giving it a unique shine and serving as an homage to the antiques her and her beloved husband, Pete, made a living from all those years.

Selected Works

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Mountain View

Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Ink & Crayon on Masonite, w/ Frame built & painted by artist
size: 8 1/8 X 9 7/8"
$475.- (LIZ1051)

Autumn Chickadee (L), Angel & Halo (R)

Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Ink & Crayon on Wood Block
size: 3 7/8 X 3 3/8"
$85.- Each (LIZ1254, LIZ1251)

Redheaded Angel (L), Proud Cardinal (R)

Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Ink & Crayon on Wood Block
size: 3 7/8 X 3 3/8"
$ 85.- Each (LIZ1257, LIZ1248)

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