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American Folk Art is a small gallery, tucked on the edge of downtown Asheville; it is imperative to be incredibly discerning when space is limited. Because contemporary folk art is so expressive, colorful and full of emotion it is important to select artists whose work is acclaimed as well as sneakin’ in some choice new talent. We love narrative in paintings, and that feeling of being welcomed in…to a community, a home, an artist's life. The self-taught artist is brave…with no training to fall back upon, their heart, resourcefulness and natural born talent shines through. Represented are artists from across the South and Deep South…folks who truly have something to share, and whose paintings will bring a special vibe to your home and life.


Darrell Loy Scott

Ellen Langford

Ellie Ali

Jim Gary Phillips

Karl Mullen

Kent Ambler

Liz Sullivan

Lucy Hunnicutt

Michael Banks

Rudolph Valentino Bostic

Spencer Herr

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